Los Angeles, CA

Located north of downtown Los Angeles, the Audubon Center at Debs Park is the first built of hundreds of urban nature centers planned by the National Audubon Society for completion by the year 2020. The Center at Debs Park embodies the Audubon Society’s environmental ideals, modeling sustainable design to the surrounding community and serving as a prototype for future Audubon centers. The Center at Debs Park not only earned a Platinum LEED rating, but also seeks to go beyond it with a high level of sustainability in nearly every aspect of design, including restoration of the native landscape, passive energy-conservation strategies, materials selection, off-the-grid 100%-solar power, on-site storm water detention, and on-site wastewater treatment and dispersal systems. Like schools, churches, libraries or museums, Audubon Centers will be part of the community, will be supported by the community, and will add real value to the community. Partnerships will be critical to the success of all Audubon Centers, including those with educators, civic groups, conservation organizations, community leaders, and volunteers.

(with EHDD architecture)