Napa, CA

The di Rosa Preserve is located on 217 scenic acres beween Napa and Sonoma in Carneros Valley. It is considered the most significant collection of 20th century and contemporary Bay Area art in the world, the di Rosa Preserve: Art and Nature provides opportunities for creative enrichment and enjoyment of art and the environment. The Art Preserve complex consist of three new buildings and a renovation of an existing stone building. The buildings are sited to broaden the experience of the art, and to expand the art into the landscape. The first building, called the gatehouse, is sited next to an artificial irrigation pond and is sheathed in galvinized metal. The reflective quality of the material is amplified by the water’s mirror-like surface. The second building is located on the other side of the pond and mostly set back into a eucaliptus grove; it is sheathed in a dark brown metal that is absorbed into the shadows of the grove of trees nearby. The design for buildings are conceptually thought of as contemporary agricultural buildings that would be found in the landscape of Sonoma and Napa counties. The building are pre-manufactured industrial metal buildings, known as “Butler buildings” which are put together like a kit of parts. Almost all of the parts that were used to make these buildings could be selected out of a catalogue and then arranged to create the entire buildings, reinforcing our conceptual kit of parts framework. Robert was responsible for development of the integrated daylighting control, lighting and mechanical support armatures and distribution systems along with coordinating the design of these systems with the building form and structure.

(with Ned Forrest Architects)