San Jose, CA

Situated in the culturally diverse East San Jose neighborhood, the library sits on a corner lot on one of the artery streets that connects to downtown San Jose. The new library consists of three volumes; the renovated historic Carnegie Library, the high-performance addition and the space between the two primary structures. The space between the old building and the new addition is lightly laced with an exposed structural frame that allows for each to individually resist gravitational and lateral forces, yet at the same time appear to be linked together by this lacelike framework. The public artist, Joyce Cutler Shaw’s, work also reinforces the dialog about linking these two pieces of the building together and her artwork is installed in that space. The ventilation system uses the crawl-space of the addition to store night-time cooled air and utilizes that air in a highly efficient low velocity ventilation system for the two volumes. Attentions to energy and resource efficiency are major factors in the design of this building. The building has been submitted for LEED Silver certification.

(with Gould Evans Inc.)