2007 (lecture hall design not executed)
Irvine, CA

This Biosciences Lab and Lecture Hall complex is one of the latest science lab additions to University of California at Irvine. Making the best use of the site, the laboratory building is situated between the existing science library and another academic building along the organizing ring road of the campus. A two story entrance lobby connects the building to the plazas to the north and south. The lobby creates a social corridor through the laboratory building and connect it to the adjacent lecture hall building. The building provides open research laboratories, support spaces, offices and conference space for faculty and lab personnel. The lecture hall opens on to the ring road, and is fronted by a colonnade. The lecture hall is clad in copper shingles and expresses its acoustical volume constraints on the exterior. Due to the sensitivity of the equipment in the labs to small amounts of movement, the lab building is a poured in place concrete building to provide rigid resistance to seismic activity and also is used for its high thermal mass.

(with EHDD architecture)