2006 feasibility study
Omaha, NE

Conceived with the developer, Century Development and Kiewit Construction, the proposal is to complete phase 2 of the University Village on campus. The design consists of 4 buildings of student apartments, a parking structure for commuting students, renovation of an existing building and a collective lawn between the buildings. Based on the requirements from the contractor and developer, the proposal utilizes the existing floor plans of the phase 1 buildings to keep cost low and simultaneously updates the exterior forms and finishes. The 4-story apartment complex is the hub for 512 students. The buildings form are altered at the ends to break down the scale, activating the spaces between the buildings with the exterior decks at these locations and to provide variety in the unit plan layouts. Each apartment consists of 4 bedrooms, full service kitchens and built-in dining/study area. The hallways are thought of as active common spaces, at the ends of the hallways, there is a two-story, daylit, connective space that doubles as an informal lounge area. Working with the site constraints for the student apartment buildings and the large garage footprints, we introduced a common green area between the buildings to provide an outdoor community “room” and we also proposed renovation of an existing building to convert to a club house with a barbecue pavilion and laundry to further enhance the community for the students.

(with Gould Evans Inc.)