in progress
Livingston, MT

This project consists of several interventions on a small existing house. Some are inhabitable and others are perception enhancing like the light-box windows and skylights. The 100 square foot addition will be linked to the kitchen, expanding to the outdoors and enclosing a landscaped courtyard. The extruded form, or extension, is an exploration of ideas of addition. In this case, the small addition supplements as it extends from the original house. The house needed a means of cross ventilation and heat extraction during the summer, the addition provides a light and ventilation chimney that will enhance venting though a heat chimney stack effect, supplementing the cooling effect of cross ventilation. The envelope consists of a modular agriboard structural insulated panel system (SIP's) with an high insulation and low air infiltration value. The concrete floor of the addition will act as thermal mass and will collect heat in the winter months during the morning through afternoon hours and dissipate that heat into the space in the evening. The exterior will be sheathed in a durable cement board rain screen to enhance the performance of the enclosure system of the addition and simultaneously referencing the ordinariness of materials.